Sunday, October 30, 2016

Tales of Link Maps

Tales of Link is the latest awesome spin off game in Tales of series. Tales of Link put together all characters from Tales of Phantasia, right to the upcoming Tales of Bestiria. The game runs in mobile device, iPhone and Android system. In short, the battle system focus on the idea to link together hero (or units) in game according to their colors. As illustrated in this video :

There are about hundreds of characters in the game. The best thing is, the game is keep updating. In this October Halloween season, the game simply put characters in Halloween theme and we'll able to summons them. As illustrated in this video :

Meanwhile here are the screenshot maps for Tales of Link quests. Each map / area has several quests and each quest will have several rounds to clear off.

Nialith Borderland (Difficulty *) :
- Forest of Narnica
- Placid Riverside
- Robhal Pass
- Zola Forest
- Wayfarers' Town
- Zola Forest - Otherworld

Mt. Harnica Area  (Difficulty **):
- Mt. Harnica Road
- Sawtooth Road
- Phatos' Shortcut
- Bandits' Den
- Hope Bridge - Base
- Hope Bridge - Gaping Mount

Deijil Region (Difficulty ***) :
- Ryuka's Fight
- Dona Plateau
- Rainy Forest Path
- Riede Forest - Pursuit
- Kamsur Prairie
- Wolf of Ruin

Roard Region (Difficulty ****) :
- Liada Roadway
- Neverbreeze Woodlands
- Hojiroshi Roadway
- Ios Village
- Corina Mountain Road
- Bewitching Thicket
- Blightland of Lanastary

Storm-Shadowed Sairan (Difficulty ******) :
- Sairan Alliance Capital
- Forest of Cages
- Phlotta Roadway
- Gleaning Grove
- Road Back to Capital
- Lydore Ruins
- Swyra Backroad

Sairan Vortex of Schemes  (Difficulty ******) :
- To Sairan Capital
- To Elaym
- Back Alley Battle
- Toreia Riverside
- Scahra Woods - Interior
- Cavern Interior / Hideout
- Shadowy Cavern

Sairan Battleground :
- Gates of Sairan
- Main Street
- Southern Business Ward
- Administrative Ward
- Western Park
- Western Marketplace
- Northern Cathedral

Otherworld Goddess :
- Blazewoods of Rupart

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