Sunday, August 4, 2013

All Star Street Fighter and Capcom to be in Android 2013

Capcom Online just announced on 1st August 2013 about the new Street Fighter fighting game for mobile device, that is... iOS and Android system. The game will be called 'Street Fighter X All Capcom' for iOS and Android. The game has promised about more than 500+ character from about 20+ titles. The sources of character not only limited to Street Fighter, but also span to other genre like Mega Man, Devil May CryVampire, Monster Hunter, Biohazard, Rockman, and many others. You wil able to meet once more Ryu, Ken, Chunli, Zangief etc on you Samsung tablet now.

Sources from internet have been rumored about large scale concept of battle scenes, enough to bring in 20 characters each side, making a total of 40 characters to bring out in the battle. Interestingly, this game put under RPG let's see the following development on how this game going to be. See Official Capcom WEBSITE 

Capcom also announced the second Street Fighter theme game, the Street Fighter Battle Combination. It is a fighting rising card  RPG. Also for iOS and Android, you will able to build new deck of Street Fighter card to do a 5-5 battle. Official Capcom WEBSITE

Both games are, Street Fighter X All Capcom will be released on November 19th, 2013 in Japan, then Street Fighter: Battle Combination scheduled on October 22nd, 2013 in Japan. The releases are mean as part of Capcom's celebration of their 30th anniversary.

Street Fighter Battle Combination 2013 for Android and iOS

Street Fighter X All Capcom for iOS and Android 2013

All stars Capcom in Street Fighter X All Capcom RPG Fighting - 2013

Capcom akan merilis game bertaburan bintang di gadget Android and iPhone untuk Street Fighter. Judulnya adalah Street Fighter X All Capcom, akan dirilis bulan November tahun 2013.

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