Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Bibliotheca for iOS

Are you remember the past where Tales of Phantasia hit your days with its epic RPG story? Now after almost 18 years, Tales of Phantasia is back again in your iPhone. Of course this mean you'll no need for purchasing PSP for Tales of Phantasia latest port, because as reported, this new iOS version will based on PSP port. The detail is as follow as reported by Gematsu.

Tales of Phantasia (iOS)

Release Date: Fall 2013

A Tales of Phantasia iOS port based on the PSP version. It uses touch screen controls and has micro-transactions for items, like one that can immediately revive you after you’ve been annihilated. announced for iOS

Cress Albane, Chester Burklight, Mint Adenade, Claus F. Lester, Suzu Fujibayashi and Arche Klein will get a new life on iOS soon 

On the other news, we will also get new "Tales of " game from Namco. This time announced is Tales of Bibliotheca. It is related to the Tales of Link mobile game line up that geared for Android and iOS. The info is as followed:

Tales of Bibliotheca (iOS)

Release Date: Mid-September
Pricing: Chapter 1 is free, Chapters 2 to 12 are 170 yen each. The full package costs 1,700 yen.
General Producer: Makoto Yoshizumi
Producer: Takashi Odate
Developer: Jupiter

Tales of Bibliotheca is a scenario collection app that lets you experience Tales series stories. Chapter 1 is Tales of Vesperia. Each chapter contains a summary, scenarios from famous scenes, newly drawn illustrations, and original battles. Voices from the original scenes will remain unchanged. There’s also a mode where you can collect your favorite voices. The game will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show next week.

Let's hope all the best for these.

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