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Makhikoi Episode 1 - Nineteen Tribes - Age of Empires 3 Custom Scenario

This is my custom scenario for game Age of Empires 3, created by Ensemble Studio. Age of Empires 3 is very popular RTS (real time strategy) game. The game have been released with two Expansion Packs. The first expansion pack is The Warchiefs. In this expansion pack, there are new Native American Tribes minor civilization. In total, there are 19 Native American Tribes settlements where we can access via custom scenario editor.

In this custom scenario, I have put all 19 Native Tribes settlement so we can play them all in one single scenario. Here are the custom scenario descriptions :

Makhikoi Episode 1 - Nineteen Tribes

version : 1.00 (February 2018)
Age of Empires 3 version : required The Warchief Expansion Pack
Author :

This is screen shot from the scenario, but being decorated for eye candy purposes

or at AoE3 Heavengames

Single Player Custom Scenario:
Player 1 (Human) = Iroquois
Player 2 (Computer) = Sioux
Player 3 (Computer) = Aztec
Player 4 (Computer, invisible) = Native Americans (or substitute with Iroquois in Multiplayer, or anything else, doesn't matter in gameplay)

P1 enemies too all
P2, P3, P4 are neutral each other

Makhikoi is new comer to the land of Native American Tribes. In this first scenario, Makhikoi will be on Iroqouis side. In this land, all nineteen Native American Tribes are present. My main goal in this custom scenario is to enjoy the NAT units. I have design this scenario to motivated player 1 to build all 19 trading post / settlements. When you build trading post , you'll received various rewards.

How to Win:
- Defeat all enemies
- Build 19 Trading Posts / Native settlements

How to Play:
In Single Player > Custom Scenario

In Multi Player, if you wish to records the game you may want to play this in multi player setting. Just set the players as described above. Set to Classic mode to avoid using Trade Monopoly. The computer AI will never use Trade Monopoly. Player 1, we human, should never use it also. We don't need it. (I have try to forbid Trade Monopoly but it will always enable in the game, I think this is a bug)

Single Player Home City Deck:
- Copy attached file "HomecityX_Makhikoi1.xml"  to folder "..\Age of Empires III - Complete Collection\bin\Campaign\War Chief". This is default folder that contained all homecity for Warchief Expansion Campaign. This folder location can be varied depends on where you install your Age of Empires III files.  Warning , if you failed to copy my intended files into that folder, your home city deck will be nulled.
- You can set up your own home cities by copying the whole text in your Iroquois Home City (in Savegame\sp_Caughnawaga_homecity.xml) and copied it into that HomecityX_Makhikoi1.xml files. Just learn the tag and set it up.

Multi Player The Home City deck:
Homecity deck already built in the scenario file when played as Multi Player.

Playing Level Recommended :
Expert. This custom scenario designed with intention to be played at Expert level. Anything below that, player 1 will be over power. We want to have the best counter play from computer AI.

If you want to change the playing level goto Scenario Editor, menu Scenario > Playtest Scenario > set player 1, set difficulty level , press CANCEL. Then save the scenario. You'll able to play the scenario in difficulty set by you.

Recommended Strategy:
Semi Turtling + Fast Fortress
I don't think we can rush one of the enemies, but see how you can do!


Starting bonus for P1 :
1 Longhouse (this is to avoid getting zero populations when played in multiplayer , a known bug)
Fire Pit
1 Trade Post Travois
Large Coin Crate and Large Food Crate
50 Experiences

Build Trade Post bonus :
1 Trade Post = 100 Food, 100 Gold, Native Treaty Shipment
3 Trade Posts = 100 Food, 100 Gold, Advance Trading Post Shipment
8 Trade Posts = 100 Food, 100 Gold, Native Combat Shipment
10 Trade Posts = Native Lore Shipment
12 Trade Posts = Blood Brothers Shipment
14 Trade Posts = Native Warrior Shipment
19 Trade Posts = native unit bonus, but if you able to build 19 trade post you'll probably not need this unless you haven't defeat one of the players

Build Caribs Trade Post / Settlements :
1 Fish boat
10 Caribs Ambushers
Carib Kasiri Beer Tech
Carib Garifuna Tech
Carib Blowgunner Ambusher Tech

Build Nootka Trade Post / Settlements :
1 Fish Boat
10 Nootka Clubman
Nootka Bark Clothing Tech
Nootka War Chief Tech
Nootka Potlatch Tech

Build Cheyenne Trade Post / Settlements :
1 Fish Boat
10 Cheyenne Riders
Cheyenne Horse Trading Tech
Cheyenne Fury Tech

Build Iroquois Trade Post / Settlements :
Native Iroquois Lacrosse Tech

Build Cree Trade Post / Settlements :
Cree Textile Craftmanship Tech
Cree Tanning Tech
Cree Kinship Tech

Build Navajo Trade Post / Settlements :
Navajo Weaving Tech
Navajo Craftmanship Tech
Navajo Sheperds Tech

And many on the map treasures and crates!

Native Trading Post Grouping Object:
This scenario (and the other scenarios I created) use a group object. These group object named as eg. "cherokee native village.xml" and others. These files must be present in folder "..\Age of Empires III - Complete Collection\bin\RM2\groupings". In case you didn't have this, you can download it HERE. Put the files in that folder.

- Build walls .... there are on the map spot that design to be place with wall. You'll easily find the area.
- Use stealth units to ambush
- Create as many trade post to get the bonus. Planned you trade post build sequence and see which settlements gives you the best support according to your strategy. The NAT units is not powerful but their techs come in handy.
- You must survive early Sioux rush and the later Aztec economic advance.

Please send me feedback when you played this scenario, will really appreciated it. For Makhikoi Episode 2 and more please visit my blog : I have made several scenarios with all Native American Tribes sockets in it. This scenario have been played test by me and friends for months.

DO NOT HIJACK MY SCENARIO.....PLEASE....It takes large amount of times to create this!

Screen shot and Eye Candy from this Scenario :

Screen shot and eye candy from the northern are in Makhikoi Episode 1 - Nineteen Tribes 

Screen shot and eye candy from the middle area in Makhikoi Episode 1 - Nineteen Tribes 

The Caribs area in  Makhikoi Episode 1 - Nineteen Tribes 

The powerful Nootka Settlement in  Makhikoi Episode 1 - Nineteen Tribes 

The Cheyenne settlement in  Makhikoi Episode 1 - Nineteen Tribes 

Makhikoi's Hometown being attacked by the Sioux and Aztecs

Makhikoi leading the Iroqouis in  Makhikoi Episode 1 - Nineteen Tribes 

The in game screen shot after one hour

This scenario also submitted to AoE3 Heaven, you can see my post, reviews and download there.

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